11/29/19 | still alive

Hello everyone, this is just a quick update telling u that im still alive and really wanna get back to working on this page!

holidays are close so i'll have more time to do stuff again soon.


09/02/19 | procrastination/english is not my first language

somehow i never thought this would be our last day together.

after three hours of just laying down i felt something so cold inside me that i thought to myself i never want to wake up again.

but then i realized i never do anything anyway so am i really awake right now?

leaving bed and going outside feels like a burden growing each day until one day i just give up completely and rot inside like a maggot.

every time i say i want to change and i will try to be more productive it never works out and i keep myself entertained with the useless mind numbing shit i find on the internet keeping me awake for hours until i decide to go to bed instead of doing what i was supposed to do, but i knew that i wouldn't do it anyway.

writing this right now is just another way of how i procrastinate even though i know damn well i have to do other things that are way more important.

im going to a photography museum tommorow and i know after i see her i will feel like shit not knowing how she feels about all this. but thats probably better, it helps me forget.

this just some dumb shit i wrote at 11pm idk it kinda helps to write stuff down to get it out of your head

08/17/19 | first entry

Hi, trying to get this diary thing going, might change stuff later but for now it works!

Probably going to talk about what happens in my life and just write down what i have on my mind.

school just started again and im already kinda stressed out, i really want to procrastinate less this year hah...

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